Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Tips to Stay Attractive Tiny Kitchen

Do not be discouraged if you have a small house with a size of 21-36 square meters. With a touch of the interior, the spaces in the house remain attractive, one interior for your small kitchen. The kitchen is an important part of a house, on-site source of nutrition for the family processed and prepared. The kitchen is clean, comfortable, and even draw will pep you prepare food for the family members.

Size usually 2-4 feet kitchenette, taken by the division of space which generally consists of one or two bedrooms, the main room, one bathroom, and kitchen. 2-4 meters in space, what can you do to enhance?

1. Kitchen design made ​​to save space, for example by choosing a set of hanging kitchen cabinets. Colors can be customized cabinets, usually color-like beige, black, or brown soil. Such cabinets can you message carpenter or buy in the store fixtures so.

It acts to save room, put the goods or kitchen utensils in the kitchen storage spaces set. Place the equipment that you use regularly in an affordable place so much easier.

2. Do not forget the windows and adequate ventilation so that the air exchange in the kitchen. It is also useful in case of LPG leakage during cooking. Note also the drainage and waste disposal, odor odor will affect the other rooms.

If you have more budget or just invest, install a vacuum smoke. This tool is able to reduce the smoke that accumulates in the kitchen so it is not stuffy and smelled.

3. Choose the appropriate size kitchen appliances kitchen. Equipment with modern, minimalist design are manifold, you can choose according to taste. To appear presentable, wear a special place for kitchen spices, cookies, instant noodles, where the goods are not put in the closet.

4. To give the impression, use wall colors and proper lighting.



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