Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Romanticism Bathroom Open

ROOM showers do not always have a closed meeting. You could try the open bathroom concept that relies on the sky as the roof. Novelist Ayu Utami have a bathroom like that. A bathroom open to the sky and is often illuminated at night by moonlight. The sensation was so magical and romantic. Sink back into the past, where bathing in the outdoors is something plural.
But the memory of nan seductive unnatural done today. The norms for adults are not allowed to do so at this time. However, for some people, there is always a justification for "violating" norms so that they are "desperate" to design a private bathroom with open concept.

Naning Adiwoso, an interior designer who is also chairman of the Indonesian Toilet Association, argued, should be the idea of ​​an open bathroom in harmony with the character of the nation. "The problem is the culture of Indonesia. Whether they want to take a bath in the open air?" Naning said.
In principle, there are two open bathroom concept. First, the roof is open, as well as the view in all directions. The first concept is suitable for houses in densely so that the horizontal view is very limited. That is, the bathroom was actually the bathroom normally, but we go to the roof and just a safety like iron bars.
The second concept for a wide area view off in all directions. The bathroom seemed to be made on the roof of our house. Or on the balcony near the bedrooms are located upstairs. Sure we can use frosted glass or grid view to protecting the privacy barrier.
Such open bathroom has benefits. Among other things, a view almost all directions, up, down, left, right, and maybe front and back, coupled with a gentle breeze blowing.

Bathing in the moonlight definitely romantic. However, bathing under the scorching sun, is quite comfortable? Of course not. If the skin is quite sensitive, can be installed in the bathroom modern awning can be opened and closed automatically. Or if the concrete or natural stone is too rigid as a wall, can be replaced with a glass box.
"Usually the bathroom in the dark tuh Indonesia. Though best bathroom was bright," said Naning. Open bathroom concept will certainly meet the needs of light. Another idea is to choose a light-colored interior paint.
Open bathroom concept in accordance with the nature of tropical climate in Indonesia, is also the issue of global warming. "With openness, sun showers that dries quickly. Also keep in mind that good air circulation, so there is no mold," said Naning.


Open bathroom should not only aesthetically beautiful. However, it must also consider factors such as health supporting water and air circulation. Drains should be made carefully as possible, followed by savings in water consumption.The bathroom was the best kind of dry and hygienic. If there is a wet area like in the shower, should be made about 2 cm lower than the dry areas so that the water flow more smoothly. In lieu of a shower or bath tub, Naning advocated the use of shower.
The interior is an open bathroom ideally less troublesome in the cleaning process. If the thought immediately focused on the concept of back to nature, it does not hurt.

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