Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Feeling Match with Modern Minimalist Concept?

You and your partner are both busy working, modern lifestyle, very practical, simple, and fast? It feels right, when you apply the concept of modern minimalist design in your home.

Minimalist here means that the concept is practical as well as represent their modern lifestyle. At the house, for example, the concept is present without the bulge ornament, but it uses materials that are exposed in such a way to produce the look honest and not excessive.

As for the interior in the room, this concept is a blend of modern with minimalist. As a result, the interior decorative elements are not just rely on field forms such as cubes and blocks. Approach to contemporary design is multifunctional and are preferred here.

Three steps to implement


There are at least three steps that you can consider for implementing a modern minimalist concept. First, functional design, which only display things according to the functions and needs. Second, the concept is clean, which means it does not use grooved ornament or curves. While the third is a practical concept, which does not require a lot of care, but rather prioritizing resilience and strength.

To know or not fit with this concept, you may want to consider that, if you are someone who enjoys all the space in the house is clean, and works when used alone, then you fit the concept. Conversely, do not ever use the concept of force is when you are happy to display a collection of objects in the living room. Lots of detail and accessories will never be suitable for the modern concept minimalist room.

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