Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Elements of Nature, Relaxation Enhancement in the Bathroom

Bathing is no longer seen as simply an activity to clean the body. Especially in the midst of the daily grind that is very time consuming as it is today, bathing is considered as a special time because that's when the body and mind can relax a little.

Therefore, any bathroom design should support the activities of this relaxation. One is a bathroom design that puts the elements of nature. Because objects associated with nature can not only spoil the eye, but also stimulate the other senses. For example, the ears hear the gurgling water, feet also felt the rough floors.

Several ways can be done to bring the natural atmosphere to the bathroom:

1. large openings

Create large openings in the bathroom to put green trees outside the house. This will make the sun light can also illuminate the bathroom area and eliminate unhealthy moisture.

Afraid to look people in the shower? Create openings are located at the top, at least above head height.

2. natural materials

Choose natural materials such as natural stone or a tree limb. Rough texture of natural stone make the bathroom area feels like in the wild, as it can be reminiscent of a pond or river. In the meantime, the branch wood can be used as a towel or clothes hanger.

3. Bathroom equipment

Bathroom appliances such as sinks, faucets, shower or bath can be selected whose designs take inspiration from nature. The equipment can also be made ​​from organic shaped clay. Ornament animals such as dragonflies, frogs, fish and turtles can strengthen the natural impression of this bathroom.

4. colors of nature

Wipe down the bathroom with natural colors. Green who took inspiration from the plant can be applied and integrated into the brown color of the soil, and the gray color of the stone, in order to create a perfect replica of the outdoors.

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