Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

The concept of Eco-green Harmony with Nature Residential

BARON and Zeby build their homes in such a way to be closer to nature. Create Zeby, the house is a shelter that much peace of mind, while nature is one of the good media liaison with the Creator. By creating a residence that blends with nature, says Zeby, we can learn to be more grateful. "There are five basic concept in creating eco green home, the smart design, eco materials, energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthy environment," said Zeby.

Smart design is a way to maximize the functionality of the existing space so that the landlord could be less material and less energy. "My house really apply the concept of smart design. Example by utilizing the existing space under the stairs as a storage room or closet shoe TV and mini warehouse," said Zeby.

Not just smart design, eco Zeby also apply the concept of the material in the furniture arrangement in his house. "As much as possible, to provide shade, it is better to use eco-friendly materials are reuseable, recyclable and renewable. As implied in my house, using the marble floor of the former's parents' house in London, doors and window frames as well," he said.

Zeby also prioritizes energy savings to reduce the impact of global warming. "I made ​​the design of the house with lots of doors and windows to allow light and create a more optimal air circulation," he said.

Another concept that is in the house Zeby-Baron is water conservation and a healthy environment. "No matter how small of a healthy, green is the main essence for oxygen and refresh the eyes. Example, in our house, by planting vines and grasses can add a beautiful yard," he concluded.

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