Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Recognizing the need for space in Tiny Houses

The main determinant for comfort in a small house in the hands of its inhabitants. Another factor is that intelligent design in a limited area.
Staying at home with limited area residents need to be made aware of the needs of the space. He could not instill the concept of every need there is room. Because usually, the fusion function occurs in a small space.
For example, the living room as well as serve as a family room or pantry that also added a dining table. In addition to realizing fusion function of two so-called multifunctional spaces or intimate, lifestyle, residents have little tricks and strategy.

One thing that often happens is that the occupants unconscious habit of piling stuff done. Strategies for the problem can be solved by increasing the storage space.
Determinants further convenience is a smart design space. Unlike the design of the house is spacious, residents are more difficult to design small space per room.
Indeed, it is not easy to meet the needs of the entire space for the activities of each member of the family. Moreover, if it is the householder is a large family with lots of family size. This problem can be circumvented through optimal synergy between the occupants of the building design.
To expand the room, residents can develop the concept of home grown. There are two types of home grown, which is home grown home grown vertically and horizontally.
The house is a home grown vertically with the addition of space to the top. To implement this concept, the power structure must be considered since the first house was built.

In the meantime, the house was the addition of space to grow horizontally sideways or backwards. This concept can be done with the land area requirement was spacious and adequate. To implement this concept, the initial design should prioritize the needs of the main room, like a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

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