Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Choosing Ideal for Bathroom Door

THERE are various factors that need to be considered when designing a bathroom. Not only the interior is required, the selection door was important to get a comfortable bathroom.

Bathrooms not only serves as a place to get cleaned up. Today, the bathroom is beginning to shift the function to be a place of relaxation. No wonder if the bathroom is now designed to the maximum. The goal is to get comfortable.

Of course, the interior design greatly affects the comfort room. In addition, the selection of doors also need to be considered in order to keep a bathroom comfortable and safe. The selection of materials of the bathroom door should receive attention.

This moisture-prone areas require door of materials that are not easily damaged by water. To select a door that matches the bathroom, you should consider usability, aesthetics, and cost.

Interior designer Ari Indra said, choosing materials bathroom door depends on the character of the bathroom. Whether it's for bathroom wet or dry. For a relatively wet bathroom, you should not use wood materials.

The bottom of the bathroom door has always been the areas most prone to damage. Therefore, the area under the door is the center of all the shower water droplets, so will always moist and wet so the color of the bottom of the door is always faster fade.

"Moisture factor to be the most important points when choosing which door will be installed. If you want to use the wooden door to the bathroom wet, you should select the right coating for safekeeping. Coatings can reduce the risk of damage to the wooden door," added Ari.

Wood material is suitable as bathroom doors are large, in which the layout of the door can be adjusted so that the water does not directly relate to the door. Since bathrooms are more likely to be moist wet, use a wooden door greatly accelerate decay. Thus, it would be nice if the wood materials are not used in a small bathroom.

As for dry bathrooms, wood paneling can be applied. Because of the dry bath splashes are rare as the wet bathroom.

"We have had a lot of wood for the interior that can be used for a bathroom door waterproof," said Ari. Type of plastic doors can also be a solution as the right choice to cover your bathroom.

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