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7 Step Plan Bathroom

DESIGN bathroom, either for renovation or new build, requires careful calculation. Here are the stages that you can possibly make reference.

1. Make a list of activities

Ensure that any activities that take place in the bathroom. This will allow you to create a list of equipment and product requirements completeness. To create a list of activities, list of users and how often to use the bathroom.
The more users, the product should be selected toiletries that are practical and easy to use. Care should also be chosen products that are not easy to get dirty or dusty and quality for durability. The more detailed your list, the more effective information to help you plan a proper bathroom.

2. Measure the Right

Bathroom planning should start from the size of the space you have. Basic size is the length, width, and height. Size of the other room elements, such as openings, to be precise with the accurate position of the space.

The position and placement of water pipes and drains also need to know. This prevents you make changes to the layout massive impact on the position of pipes, sewers, and cost.

3. Place the Pas
Plan skalatis space - and complete with an opening position and plumbing - will allow you to plan layout of equipment. Each of these tools requires some space around it. This is for convenience when using the equipment.

4. Piping Plans

Make sure the piping in your bathroom easily achieved, especially in the event of leakage or damage. This does not mean you leave it open like that. In terms of beauty, piping must remain closed but within easy reach. Use complementary furniture as camouflage pipes.

5. Include Furniture

Furniture can be a storage closet, open shelves or glass cabinet to cabinet medicine. Some furniture is functional to store toiletries like towels, tissues, until the supply of toiletries. Even cosmetics and cleaning bathrooms require an area store.

Position your furniture in the area that is untouched. For example, the wall area above the head are generally not used. Streamline the rest is not only to make the bathroom more fungsonal, but also make bathing more optimal.

6. Lighting

If your bathroom is a type of functional bathroom, not for relaxation, simple and bright lighting is sufficient. Another case if at any time you want to soak and relax while bathing. Spa-style lighting - the dim and soothing - must be designed appropriately.

Any additions or changes to the light point will impact on cost overruns. To be more efficient, try to optimize the sunlight, especially in the afternoon.

7. Add Accessory
Bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, laundry box, to the mat, very diverse forms. Options should support the style of bathroom interior. Could be accessory to accent a room sweeteners even easily replaceable. If the user bathrooms are children, accessories should be in and the themes that are in vogue. It keeps kids comfortable and happy during the activities in the bathroom.

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